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There seems to be a big gap in the activities for mom’s with kids under 2. Although there is plenty to do around Holland – you have to dig for the information and know where to go … I’ve been doing my research and this is what I’ve found.
For kids under 2 – you can’t go to Tumblebees time at the Gymnasium on VanOmen Drive, out be Walmart … but you can go to Crazy Bounce, and the kids under 2 are FREE, an adult is $4 to accompany the child.
You can do Kindermusik but it’s spendy and all you do is dance with your baby, it’s free at home. Invite a friend and ask her to bring a CD that you don’t have in your collection – then get out the scarves and baby blankets and have a blast. If you get 3 or 4 moms interested for an hour a week or so – you can swap houses and music and save $80 all at the same time.
There’s always a story time at Treehouse Books downtown Holland. Monday’s at 4 pm, Wednesdays at 10:30 am and Friday’s at 1 pm. And this week Thursday the author of Itty Bitty Hats will be in town for a book signing and knitting class at 7 pm – there is a $5 charge and pre registration, but the $5 will go towards the purchase of her book. Bring your knitting supplies!
Of course there’s always a park to visit – a few to highlight are The Ottawa County Fairgrounds park – it’s fenced in and shaded. And almost no one uses this park so there’s always room to play. It’s not over populated and is clean. There are no bullies. We don’t like playground bullies. The park on 32nd St across from Harrington Public School is also fenced in, not shaded, but not over populated either. Plenty of space to run without getting on the road or into anything unwanted. There are a few neighborhood parks that are great too, I’ll get the names and info on them first though.
The play area in the Westshore mall is great – they clean it from 1:30 to 2 – so you should go at 1, play awhile, take a break, get a cookie, and play some more when it’s clean. It’s usually not busy around cleaning time and the bigger kids are still in school. This is a great play area, however there are better times to go – because of the bigger kids it can be hard for the little guys to play. And although their website completely sucks butt, the play area is worth it.
The Calendar of Events is always great too – this isn’t just for kids under 2 but there are alot of fun, family oriented things to go to. And some great date ideas – get a sitter and go out with your husband alone and since all you do is read board books and mommy blogs your idea center might be low on the fun things to do on a date – take a advantage of all the work other business put into making it fun for their customers to spend thier money with them.
You can also always check out the Monday Movies for Mom’s at Celebration Cinnema South, off of M-6. They don’t update the movie of the week until the night before usually and the movie is almost always in the ealry afternoon, late morning. They leave the lights on low and keep the sound turned down so that we can bring our little guys and gals into the theater and entertain them as well as keep an eye on them and not worry about them going deaf or blind. Bring snacks! And feel free to bring the stroller or booster seat in with you as well, this is encouraged šŸ™‚
This time of year there’s always plenty going on for little kids – at Cranes Orchard you can go apple picking and then have a hayride. Or just run up and down the rows of apples. Toddlers like running, alot.
At Teusinks Farm in October every Saturday afternoon from 1-4 is Family night (scroll down on their website to find this information) there is an admission price but you get to ride the ponies, go through a hay maze, hay rides, fishing and feeding the animals (25 cents per bag) … what 18 month old doesn’t like looking at animals and possibly getting close enough to one to have it slobber all over them?
The Critter Barn in Zeeland is open Monday’s, Thursday’s and Saturday’s at different hours. Kids under 3 are free otherwise admission is $5 with a maximum of $20 for a family … they’ve got all kinds of stuff for kids to do. This is a great place for when your kids are a bit older as well – they have summer camps where the kids get to feed the animals and learn how to take care of them, at the end they get a certificate and are alumni of the program.
See, there’s a TON to do in Holland and surrounding cities … but there isn’t ONE place to go to find everything. You have to know what you’re looking for and find it on your own. It’s a little tiring. But hopefully I’ve given you some good ideas and a few places to start looking.

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