Crazy Bounce gone bad

Yesterday I took Jessica to Crazy Bounce along with a girlfriend and her little girl – we were there for a little over an hour when this happened to my ankle.

You have to wear socks at all times when playing on their equiptment, which is good, I don’t want foot fungi or anything – but I was climbing a ladder to go down a slide when I fell and heard a POP in my ankle.

I started crying and I was trapped in this inflatable IRON MAN – with the toddler. Jessica started hugging me and saying Ma Ma Ma Ma … she was so cute.

I was yelling HELP for about 10 min before some lady came over and said in a not very nice tone – WHAT DO YOU NEED? And with my tear stained face I told her as pleasently as I could that she had better find my friend in the hat before I cut her knee caps off and get me out of this darn contraption.

She did as she was told – and when Leanne came to free me she had to lift me OUT of the 10 foot inflatable wall with 2 21 month old girls running around her ankles.

It all worked out, I went to my chiroprator who fixed me up nicely and then I went home and have been pretty much sitting with my foot in the air since.

Lets hope I can walk, actually run, on it by Sat. I’ll be chasing Jessica down the halls of airports for 6 hours. This’ll be fun.

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