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I like to check Mightgoods out every once in a while and they always have great stuff and fun ideas … one being Mini cards for flickr photos. I haven’t gotten any yet but plan to. They’d make great gift tags or note cards.
Also I’ve been reading Organic Cleaning and have tried a few of the ideas in the book. The best one so far has been using only a Tablespoon of dish washing soap in the tray and then filling the prewash tray with vinager. I don’t think my dishes have been so clean, or my dishwasher for that matter, for a long time. And it makes your soap last WAY longer – and vinager is eco-friendly.
I recommend this book to anyone who has tried every cleaning product on the market and still can’t find something they’re impressed enough with to use for the rest of their life. Or if you want to make a change from chemicals to more eco-friendly cleaning practices. It’s also just a great book for how to clean stuff without buying anything – it’s amazing what I can use to make the same cleaners I pay $4 for at the store …
And don’t buy poptarts. They’re gross.

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  1. hey-
    so can you use powder dish soap in the diswasher? and you only put that much in, and fill the whole pre-wash with vinegar huh? our dishwasher isn’t getting ANYTHING clean, and i was most of my dishes after they come out of the diswasher, so i’ll try anything šŸ™‚ just wanted to be clear on the specifics. . .

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