Miss Personality USA

Not only do a few more tantrums come around the age of 2 – but so does personality.
Yesterday while I was running a few errands for the trip, Jessica stayed home with my mom and made a few deicsions of her own. Like what to wear.
Green pants, shorts, a polo shirt and a brown belt. Oh and two different shoes, on the wrong feet. She’s holding the purse (poose) because she declared that she would be going Shopping Now.

And then this morning – she was playing in the office while I was in the kitchen. When I went in to get her she was playing on my chair and at my desk – with paper. Obviously. She had been playing with an empty stamp booklet. Sometimes I’m not so good at throwing empty things away when it comes to paper items.
I didn’t think any thing of it, I actually threw it away and then shut the door so she couldn’t get back in the office – then I saw her belly.

I can send her Parcel Post anywhere that will accept $1.95 as postage for a 25 pound package.
She’s a blast.
Hopefully she’ll continue to be a blast when I have to wake her up at 5 tomorrow morning to make our 7 am flight, which isn’t non stop. No I have a layover for an hour and half in an airport along the way. And then the last leg of the trip will be 3 hours. On a plane. On a plane for 3 hours with a 21 month old who likes to run. On a plane with a 21 month old for 3 hours and she has to sit on my lap. On my lap on a plane for 3 hours.
Obviously I’ll be high on crack.

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  1. Hey woman! have fun in WA!! i LAUGHED at your post and wanted to give you a tip. when I flew to MI with a 7wker and a 3yr old i just kept reminding myself that when I finally got off the plane I would be much happier!! THere is a light at the end of the tunnel! Good luck!

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