Pigtails on the farm

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Washington was awesome. I’ve uploaded just under 70 of the over 580 photos I took while I was there. And we wonder why I have so many of Jessica. I’m in about 10 of the photos – of which only 4 are original poses. The others are duplicates, trying to get a good smile out of someone under the age of two who won’t sit still.

Besides loving the town of Lynden, Washington and soaking up everything I possibly can while I’m there (third time in 18 months) Jessica and I made cinnamon rolls, which we sent 2-day back to Aaron so he could enjoy also.

I beat my Grandma in Rumikub a number of times, only to be beaten back – and slayed in Scrabble. I ate a lot of home cooked food, which was lovely because I didn’t cook it.

Jessica fell asleep by a fire while my aunt, uncle and I sang to her. Then we watched a movie!

I had a Jessica free night while one of my cousins watched her – I went out for pizza and beer with my cousins and then toured their houses and had wonderful organic ice cream.

I didn’t ever sleep in. And I did do laundry. But I didn’t clean a bathroom – although I still changed plenty of diapers. Which counts as a bathroom somewhere.

I did some shopping, ok alot of shopping – but I only bought a few things, all of which fit in my original luggage home. My Aunt Ranae is a decorator so I spent time with her seeing what she does. And getting free advice. šŸ™‚

I saw my other grandparents and family also – my dad’s side of the family – the night before my grandparents 55th wedding anniversary – and I sent them flowers to celebrate.

We went to Stoney Ridge Farms, which is a petting zoo and a pumpkin patch and an all around good time for kids. We picked apples at Sm Apples Farms (Small Apples Farms) and played in the dirt alot.

It was relaxing.

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