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Some pretty cool opportunities are coming my way recently and I’m very excited about each and every one of them.
There’s a possibility I might get to write some articles for a new publication that Holland Public Schools is looking to put out to students and parents. I don’t know a whole lot about this yet – just that I would be writing and getting compensation.
There’s another possibility I might get to hang some of my photos in a local coffee shop – as a gallery type thing – after the first of the year. Depends on what the manager thinks of what I consider my best photos. I could even sell a few. I meet with the manager in a few weeks to discuss everything.
Yesterday the Tea Party that Hospice of Holland threw came to fruition. I was on the committee to plan the event – and I had a blast yesterday. We set up and then sold raffle tickets and had a tea party and there was a fashion show. It was so fun. I have the opportunity to be on the committee again next year and possibly some other committee’s to plan other events.
I’m also taking more photos for friends and family, for pay. Which is really cool for me because photography is a passion, a hobby and a love for me and to do it, period, is fun – but to get some money on the side is even better. I’m really excited about it. I’m in no way a professional photographer, I just love doing it and I think I have a good eye for it. I just like to keep learning new things and trying them.
This winter is going to be busy, but a blast.

3 thoughts on “Something else

  1. It sounds like you’re discovering some of your passions you were wondering about in your last post… how exciting!

  2. Jodi ~ I was checking out some of your recent Flickr photos. They are great! I love the Globe photos. You have a great eye & some real talent for photography. With your permission, I’ll pass your name along to people I hear who are looking for a photographer! Keep it up….and keep posting them, I love seeing your photos!

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