Jessica wakes up around 7:15-7:30 every morning, hopefully with the time change we’ll screw her up enough to think that 9 is a good time to get up. That would be heaven in so many ways.
Aaron got her first this morning and then when I was annoyed enough that I could still hear crying and not sleep through it I got up to see what was going on – and he went back to bed. She kept saying “I want, I want” and pointing to the fridge so being the groggy parent who wants to give the kid anything to make her go to sleep again I open the door completely willing to feed her a whole chocolate cake if that’s what it’s going to take and she points at the milk.
Well that was easy. I made her a bottle. A bottle, in which she hasn’t had for months now. At first she was reluctant to take it, thinking of how to make my morning start even sooner than I was ready for – but she gave in and started drinking.
I thought it was easy coasting from there, let her drink, put her down when it’s done, sneak out while she’s in a warm milk induced coma and forced back to sleep for hours.
She only drank about 1/4 cup of the whole thing and half way through even that she stopped and started to whine, so I took it away and set it down. That way I would be able to hold her and sit on a chair that was made for people whose height doesn’t go past 2 1/2 feet all the while trying to calm her, cursing the gods of waking children.
In her moment of madness she screams at me “Don’t, Mama. C’MON!”
Uh. Ok. I’m sorry?

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