Life is life, like duh

I got my first piece of hate mail today. I’m assuming a kid wrote it to me because of the way they wrote and the frequent spelling errors, although I make just as many I’m sure …
Here’s an excerpt from the email, actually comment, they left on this post
“Crazy bounce is the best and safest place that I have taking my kids to. The people there are very nice the place is very clean and SAFE.I go there all the time and I have never ever had a grumpy person talk to me they are very friendly I could never belive they would have been rude to you if you were hurt.They make sure that every thing is safe for kids and audlts alike we are not as young as the kids so we have to be careful sorry about your foot but it could have happed to any one and any were just like stepping wrong or stepping in a hole getting out of your car … I dont think its is nice of you for putting this on line things happen that is just the way it is life is life.”
Woah, they took that personally. Good thing I never said an employee was mean to me – another patron, another mother with kids was the one who was mean. And I guess I forgot to write that I love Crazy Bounce just as much as this fanatic, but spraining the ankle was untimely and pretty comical.
Good thing my publishing software saw them as spam and alerted me. They can no longer leave comments on – so sorry. Life is life.

One thought on “Life is life, like duh

  1. Sounds like someone has stock in Crazy Bounce. She’d really hate what I have to say about Chuck E. Cheese’s! Seriously, if you’re going to jump all over someone’s case about something, have the decency to use proper grammar and sentence structure!

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