And all her people said, AMEN

Jessica has taken up the job of being the prayer warrior in our house. I think she knows we’re sinners so she’s constantly telling us to PRAY! Or as she says it, PWAY! This comes complete with her demonstration of how we should fold our hands and bow our heads. She’s allowed to peak, but we are not. She is the prayer police.
So we’ve become a family who prays alot – not a bad thing at all in my book, but this morning she used a slightly different tactic. She announced it was time to PWAY and she folded her hands, bowed her head and waited for us to follow suit. When we did, she closed her eyes and let one rip. She farted, loudly. And then she said AMEN! and waited for us to echo her decloration.
She might not bear resemblance to me in a striking way, although my baby pictures look more like her than Aaron these days – but atleast I know she’s mine. The girl is full of hot, steamy gas.

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