Leaving on a jet plane, kind of.

Tomorrow after church we’re leaving for a week on a family vacation!! 7 unadulterated days with my little family. 168 hours of love and affection. 10,080 minutes of sheer joy. 604,800 seconds of freedom. ROAD TRIP!
It’s a bit overdue, fyi.
The general plan is to end up in upstate New York to be with Aaron’s mom’s side of the fam for Thanksgiving. On the way there, we’re hoping to stop in Ann Arbor to see some friends, probably stop in London, Ontario for the night, end up in Toronto for a day and then New York for the holiday. We’re hoping to leave in time to spend the night in the Big City on the way home. You know, Rockefeller Center, Holiday decortaions, fricken New York City during the holidays.
Need I say one darn more thing?

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