taking it one step further isn’t always legal

There’s something wrong with the governments policies when an obviously well to do young mother in her designer clothes, designer baby gear, and designer clothes for the baby come walking into the grocery store with 3 of their much poorer relatives and they buy a cart load of groceries. All of which are paid for by WIC except for the candy bars at the end – those were paid for by the bottle returns and they even got money back.
In essence they were paid to buy groceries. Then they walked out to the parking lot and got in her 2006 white Denali. Yeah, she’s obviously the best candidate for WIC. My tax dollars are being spent well in that situation.
It was painfully obvious that her 3 relatives, who not only looked the part of being on WIC, because I’m judgmental and you all would have thought it too, were getting the advantages of the WIC program. It’s one thing to need to be on WIC, I support that – it’s a very helpful tool for families who need the necessities … but when it’s your Mexican ancestors who need it … you’ve gone too far.

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