Road trip update

We made it to London, Ontario already, the half way point. It didn’t work out to visit our friends in Ann Arbor, so we took a jaunt through Port Heron before crossing the bridge into Canada. We’re in a sweet suite. Staying at a Quality Inn in London, ON – I’ll post photos later.
Tomorrow we’re off to Toronto for the day and night and then on to our final destination of Spencerport, NY. We’ll also spend some time around Niagra Falls on the Canadian side. I’ve been to Niagra state-side and I hear it’s better over here so I’m excited to see the difference.
Jessica did wonderfully on the trip so far – only slept for 40 min or so, but thank you baby lord jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes for the portable dvd player. amen.

One thought on “Road trip update

  1. Yes, the Canadian side is much better… although, they’ve added a bunch of casinos as of late. Have fun in Toronto, I’ve heard it’s quite nice!

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