Road Trip update III

We stopped for the night on our treck back home. We had a great stay in New York with the extended fam – Thanksgiving was a blast. More photos to come once I’m on my own computer and flickr account.
Jessica learned how to tell our cousins dog to Shit. Isn’t that adorable? You’ll have to excuse her – she really means SIT.
Uh huh. Lovely. Now she thinks it’s funny to tell US to shit down. That was unexpected.
Tonight we’re heading out on the town of Lakewood, OH for some dinner and then back at our hotel for some TV and sleep before we hit the road again tomorrow and land at home.
Vacation has been great – we found our ideal vacationing style. Road trip without a schedule.
Jessica is now willingly washing her mouth out with soap for all her naughty words – she found the complimentary soap and is taking bites out of it. She’s making this parenting thing way too easy.

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