Road trip update part IIII

Today is the last day of vacation. We’re only about 3 hours, roughly, from home … so I think we’ll take a less traveled path and see what we can find. Vacation has been awesome, Jessica has been great too. Except for that one tantrum she threw in the car with Grandma Jane and Uncle Jimmy … it was the worst tantrum she’s thrown to date … that was not the highlight of my trip.
I think Niagra Falls in Ontario was a highlight for me and getting to know Aaron’s family a bit more. The driving in itself has been relaxing and I love, LOVE being the map reader. Turns out I’m actually good at directions. I defy the laws of nature.
I’d like to revisit Toronto with Aaron, and not Jessica, as well as Cleveland and anywhere in Pennsylivania. We’ll have to do another road trip sooner than later with some friends.
See you on the other side.

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