I blinked and now she’s using sentences

Since our family trip Jessica has taken quite the liking to me, I will never complain about this, it’s my favorite season with her so far.
Jessica 049-1.jpg
She wakes up asking for Mama and when she climbs in bed with us in the morning she smothers me with hugs and kisses and sweet little versus from her mouth like, ‘Wake up Mama’ ‘Mama’ ‘Mom, munch?’ ‘Mama, Jessica awake’ … there’s no down time for this girl in the morning, it’s up and at ’em. Raring to go – when the sun refuses to shine here in Michigan she brings the rays to my heart.
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She’s taken a permanent lease out on my legs when I’m working in the kitchen. She’ll just prop herself right behind me, holding on where ever I go. It’s the things I remember doing to my mom and now she’s doing them to me.
Jessica Ranae, you are a vivacious, vibrant little girl and I am proud to be your Mama, may you never stop calling me that. May you always find the nape of my neck comforting and may you always feel welcome on my lap. I used to write to you and tell you that you were the sweet sweet breath of heaven – that hasn’t changed one bit.
Jessica, you are the sweet breath of heaven, you are the giggle in my soul, you’re the skip in my heartbeat. You are my daughter, and I love you to pieces.
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