6 weeks to plan

There’s only 6 weeks left before Jessica turns 2 … I kept thinking this hallmark moment would come later … much later. She’s going to be 2.
I won’t be spending a cumulative 6 hours on birthday cakes this year – I’m going to try to cut that down to 3 or less … but I better start planning. I’m taking requests, mostly from Jessica, but if you have any ideas – send em over.
Kraft foods has a good selection of ideas. I’m liking the Dinosaur cake, she calls them So-so-daurs. A train would be fun too, and the construction cake – GENIUS.

2 thoughts on “6 weeks to plan

  1. hey! you are making me realize that I also Have 6 Weeks to plan a fun birthday for a 4 year old! AAAAHHHH that is sooo old!!! anyway I saw cool cupcake cakes, with a design and the look of a cake that break into cupcakes. I thought they looked cool, and could be made into whatever you want. Thicker frosting does the trick and if you are having a lot of kids it might be fun! FYI, miss you Erin

  2. You know I saw a photo of that too – I think I clipped it and have it somewhere, I like that idea as well. A little less mess if you ask me, and portion controlled pieces so no one is fighting over who got the bigger piece…or more frosting. Because believe you me it MATTERS how much frosting you get!

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