give me some lovin’

This is my newest nephew, Jamie. He was born this summer and I’m not even going to pretend I remember when. It’s written down in my birthday calendar.
I used to commit all of my immediate family member’s birth dates and anniversaries to memory, but I quite when my family went from 6 to 15 almost overnight, in a matter of years that is. And that’s not counting any of the 6 nieces or nephews I have which don’t include my offspring. Let’s hope I at least remember those birthdays on my own.
Babies. I love babies, and this one in particular is smashingly adorable. Every time I get photos I giggle. How can I not? HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE CHEEKS!?

One thought on “give me some lovin’

  1. Thanks Jodi!! What mother wouldn’t love to see thier baby in great picture quality on your site. Those pics show off his personality well, a total ham with the squishiest cheecks! I call him Mr. Squishy, although it gets me looks of annoyance from your brother! You can have bragging rights to my kids no problem, if you needed permission that is haha, love erin

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