Small justice

I’m pretty outspoken about a lot of things. I have an opinion and I’m usually very rooted in it. Some people might even say there’s a bit of “bitch” in me. And I’m ok with that. I know this about myself, I also know how to self preserve.
I had a situation on ebay where I was going to be late on my shipping deadline, I emailed each and every one of the recipients personally to let them know the situation – and each and every one of them responded with their blessings. I kept records of this all. I’m good like that. And then after I did get it all shipped out and everyone got their feedback – I get an email from one of the buyers who was unhappy with the shipping length.
And because of this they detailed to me how I should give them a 50% refund on the shipping. I don’t like being taken advantage of. I really don’t like being lied to and I’ll be damned if I’m going to sucomb to someone else’s underhanded games just to get some extra money.
I wrote them an email that said as much, I also told them I would not being paying for my positive feedback from them, that it was underhanded and wrong on their part to bribe with negative feedback. I have the emails to prove that you’re lying, feel free to give me any feedback you think I deserve, I actually could care less about the rating, but don’t bribe me for it. I’ll win.
All this is to lead up to the phone call I just made – you see last March was my mom’s 50th birthday and we threw a surprise party for her. Aaron and I ordered an out of print book from her childhood that she’s spent the last 23 years of my life, and longer, searching for. The book is “Star Eye” – I finally found it on an out of print books website and paid through the nose for it, because it was 25 years of searching and a 50th birthday – and well, it was worth it.
I even paid extra for the more expidiant shipping. As of today, December 6 of 2006 I still have not received this book. I’ve emailed the seller directly and reported him to the sales website, I’ve emailed the help department numerous times for advice and gotten no where. I was out the money, and the search was on again.
Well – the seller emailed me personally after the transaction was complete, he included his phone number, address and place of business. The actual email was a little creepy because he found this website and started to make comparisons between my family and his, and lets just be honest – that’s creapy. So I stayed away because I was unrealistically afraid that this guy was stalking me on the internet, that he knew too much about me – all of it self published.
So my testes final dropped into their sack today and I called the guy. He knew exactly who I was. He remembered the book deal. He also said he was sorry – he just fired his warehouse director, blah blah blah. So tomorrow by 1:15 I’m supposed to get a call back from JOHN, is his name, and he’s going to either refund my money … PRONTO, or send the book to me as ordered over 7 months ago.
In conclusion, it might take me a while to right the wrongs that have been done to me. But I am not a sucker, I will not be treated like a sucker and I am a smart, intelligant person. Do not mess with my check book. Even worse, do NOT, DO NOT, mess with my kid. I am a mama bear. I will win.

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