Age of innocence

Yesterday Jessica informed me that her name was Freddie. When I asked her this morning whether or not her name was again Freddie for the day, she looked at me like – “Mom, that was so yesterday, my NAME is Jessica.”
She also has a way of looking up at us with her head tilted to one side – and this look in her eye willing us to give her the answer she wants – this look usually acompanies a question she’s asking – but has already answered for herself … example:
“Mom, Candy?” … “Yes.” and then the look.
Since she’s been sick she’s gotten used to grunting for things instead of using her words, or anything more civil than the sound of a dieing cow in heat. It’s worse than nails on a chalk board. I now know what my mom is talking about when she talks about how I developed my vocabulary.
Apparently I didn’t need one until I was about 3 because my older sibblings jumped when I opened my mouth – got me everything I pointed at or grunted for. Gave me no reason to have words – I had pawns. We’ve become Jessica’s pawns in her moment of weakness.

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