A day in the waiting room

Jessica and I spent the better part of our day in a waiting room in Kalamazoo while my mom also waited and then received Lasik eye surgery.
The waiting room was really nice, there was a tv, comfortable seating, even a bit of a snack bar – and there were movies playing on the tv.
Jessica settled in right next to a little boy, probably 8 or so, and he ended up pinching her. And her glared at her. She was taking up precious couch space, on the couch that he was occupying, ALONE. We got the message.
Surprisingly I kept my mouth shut after I witnessed and then listened to Jessica explain, loudly, that this boy had just pinched her. He was sitting next to his parents and I assumed they would have taken charge and done the scolding that was needed. When that didn’t happen I was dumbfounded and mute. 10 minutes later he left with someone else – he was sitting unattended and unsupervised in the waiting room. Those nice people I was about to give my mind to were actually nice people, who fell in love with Jessica by the end of the day.
There was another guy in the waiting room – he came about half way through our day and took up residence in a chair by the tv. By this time Jessica had made friends with everyone in the office, not only patients but the staff too – so naturally she tried to talk him. Except he forgot to wear the T-Shirt that explains to everyone in his immediate surroundings that he’s allergic to children and frightened of human contact.
At one point I was about to jump in front of him and yell BOO. I don’t think he would have known what to do with me, so I stayed put and corralled Jessica into a new activity. One that didn’t involve so many conversations with complete strangers. With ugly goatees.
The surgery itself went well for my mom. The entire process, including driving time, took a little less than 8 hours. Needless to say Jessica went to bed at 7 tonight, and I followed for a short nap.

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