less than par food experience

Every Sunday on our way home from church Aaron always mentions the fact that while growing up they went to Ponderosa quite often with the fam and how fun it was. Then he adds that he’d like to go with us and how fun he thinks it’ll be.
I also have fond memories of a restaraunt in the same genre as Ponderosa – in Texas there were Bonanza’s, same idea, buffet style meals. We had to dress up in our Sunday best to go out to eat because it happened so infrequently, it was a MAJOR deal for us. And we all had to atleast eat what we put on our plate before we could go buck-wild on the dessert buffet. So we all made allowences accordingly. I’ll eat all my peas first if that means I get to have a chocolate ice cream sundae WITH sprinkles AND a brownie for dessert.
Finally today while we were approaching the Ponderosa and I was living through the detailed memories of Aaron’s youth, again, I said – Lets go today. You should have seen his face, it was like I told him Christmas morning was happening all over again for the next 5 mornings – and each morning he’d get new presents, all coming from the Apple store.
We decided on the buffet dinner thinking a few things – one that it wouldn’t be as expensive and two being that we would have enough to choose from so that Jessica would maybe eat something.
We were sorely wrong on the first account. It was $24.00 just for Aaron and I to eat the buffet, Jessica was still free because she wasn’t 2 yet. So after we recovered from this bump in the road we found a seat and I set out to fill a plate for Jessica.
Um. Well. There were some breakfast sausages that looked edible, and a pancake – which after I set on the plate actually made a noise because it was so stale. There were some nacho’s with what we thought was meat as a topping. And some spaghetti that was leftover from Thanksgiving.
It was awful. Disgusting. The only saving grace was the pears and peaches on the salad bar – both so slimed up in heavy syrup that it could have been the droppings from the fat fryer and no one would have noticed.
Jessica did have her very first ice cream cone though, which I suppose was worth the rotting of my intestines to see the joy on her face when she got to not only MAKE her ice cream cone, but eat it all by her self too.
We won’t be frequenting Ponderosa any time ever again and this just goes to prove why I’m so weary of buffet lines in general. They’re just grose.

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