Jessica’s getting older

Jessica has recently become more involved in her vocabulary – often times saying things that, although I understand her, I don’t know how she figured out that concept or phrase.
Probably Sesame Street.
She talks in sentences now – for example:
“Mom, MOM! WAKE UP! Mom? Mommy … Mom! WAKE UP! Jessica awake now!!!”
“It’s dancin’ music (moosik)!!!”
“Where’s Anna? Mom? Mom. Mom! Where’s Anna?”
There’s always plenty of MOM!!ing going on in this house – and it’s not enough that I look at her, I have to make some kind of noise to ensure that I heard her calling for me. I’ve tried raising my eyebrows to show I’ve heard her – but all I get is more MOM’s so I usually grunt or say something pleasant like “Yes, Jessica?” “What, honey?” “I’m talking right now” “Stop it.” It get’s nicer and nicer as the day goes on.
She’s very insistent when it comes to what she wants to eat – in the morning it’s usually ‘make-it’ which means bacon. And 30 minutes later after 3 eggs, 4 slices of ‘make-it’ and 2 glasses of water when she’s hungry again, she usually wants more ‘make-it’. Or ‘ahle-sauce’ which is Apple Sauce.
She’s also a fan of the ‘BARS!’ which are granola bars or ‘cheeios’ which is obviously cheerios. And she loves to take a ‘baf’. LOVES the ‘baf’.
When she’s angry with us she usually yells at us and tells us to ‘STOP IT’ – which we do because we’re so taken aback that she’s telling US to stop it. And then we tell her not to talk to us like that and she says – ‘sowy’. (sorry)
When we’re driving in the car she names everything she sees. literally. House. Dog. Car. Car. Tree. House. MOM!. Car. BIG TRUCK. Thats a big big one!. Kitty Cat. Mom?. Mom!. MOMMY! Car – see Car?
She loves to go to the ‘Moomie Store’ and rent ‘moomie’s’ right now her favorite one is the So-so-daur moomie, The Land Before Time. Or the MerMAIT moomie, The Little Mermaid.
She identifies Veggie Tales by ‘Bob and Lar’ and thinks every DVD is POOH! until she sees differently.
Her pajama’s are affectionately called ‘Jaimie’s’ after Auntie Jaimie – she wears ‘jaimie’s’ every night and her favorite are the ones with DUCKS! on them.
Her love for people ranks about like this:
MerMAIT moomie, ELMO!
Mom and Dad
Ki-Ki (blanket)
Other Kids
All Grandparents alike
Uncle Colton
All Aunts alike
Uncle David Mosterd
All other Uncles alike
Dogs, Cats and Squirrels
The rest of the animal kingdom
She’s almost 2. 2 years ago this week I was praying for contractions to start, I even researched how to naturally induce labor but was too much of a sucker to be in any more pain than needed.
Jessica, you’re adorable and so much fun – and I know of at least 25 people who think you’re number one.
As I’m writing this Jessica walks up to me CHEWING gum, she found it in my purse and now she’s walking around like she owns the house. She’s paying the mortgage and saving for college and keeping the emergency fund funded – she’s making the grocery list and executing the meal plans – she’s keeping track of the bills and the nap schedule. She’s chewing gum – I think 2 pieces now – and she’s all grown up, didn’t I know?

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  1. Jodi, I always love reading your adventures in motherhood! It was so great to have a girls night with you while I was home!
    Take Care!

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