Happy Birthday Jessica!

Happy Birthday Jessica!!
Unfortunately Aaron had to be to work before 6 this morning for a meeting in central Michigan – so our breakfast plan was put on hold – but we made waffles together this morning and now she’s watching ELMO! We’ve already made a few videos of whats to come today – her saying how old she is, me signing happy birthday … beware on that one.
About 10 am this morning 23 balloons are going to show up at our house to go along with the 3 I already have here inflated – and after I set everything up I’ll bring Jessica out to see the sea of balloons and go nuts! I’m so excited to show her them, she LOVES balloons.
We got her a piggy bank for her birthday and have been stuffing money in it every week, or our spare change as we see fit – so when she gets it today she’ll already have some cash in it – and then we’ll give her about $5 in change to put in it herself. We also bought her finger paints.
This year I’m not spending 6 hours on the cake – only about 2. I bought a cake mix, gasp! And I’m making this one for her. Since she’s so madly in love with the So-So-Daurs right now. Later today we’ll decorate it together and then have it, with presents, when Aaron gets home from work.
I can’t believe she’s two already!
This past year has been so much fun. We’ve been blessed to do alot of traveling, going to Washington and then to New York with her. Not to mention small day trips here and there. And she’s just been a bubble of personality and energy. I can’t wait for the next year although I’m sad that my days of having her as my baby are long gone.

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