Birthday recap

Jessica’s birthday was full of fun – last night we took her to Crazy Bounce and met up with some of our friends, some who joined in on the bouncing. Then we went to Applebeas for dinner and while Jessica was a complete trooper with the wait staff and the fact that dinner took 2 hours – she also got sung to, again, and got another free dessert – this time an oreo shake.
It was a blast. So much fun, in fact, that we didn’t have time for the cake yesterday with Aaron’s work schedule and us going to Crazy Bounce and out to dinner for her birthday- so this afternoon we blew out the candles and ate some Dinosaur goodness.
She also went on a mission this morning and found her presents while Aaron was in the basement working and I was cleaning up the kitchen, she opened her presents with out us – but Great Grandma Jane sent her a package that we got to see her open. Jessica loves the piggy bank, her favorite part, of course, is putting the money in it. She’s just like her mother.
We also got her some finger paints, which have yet to be used, although that will expire soon. And Grandma Jane got her an outfit, some pajamas, a coloring book and a book.
Grandpa and Grandma Great Schaap sent a card with some moola in it, which we let Jessica put in her piggy bank for now.
Birthday’s are just so much fun. It’s like I get to live through all these fun parties all over again. Actually I didn’t have many birthday parties – at 10 I got 2, one with my mom and one with my dad – I had a Little Mermaid theme for my mom’s party and had all my female class mates over for an afternoon of jumping on the trampoline and playing games – my dad surprised me and took my and all my female class mates to Chuck E Cheeses. I was mortified. I was TEN! Not 7. I somehow thought that after the big one-zero that Chuck E Cheeses became juvenile. I did have fun though, once I let the embarrassment take a back seat.
Other than that birthday’s were just a family affair, which was fine by me. My 7th birthday lasted a week because my oldest brother didn’t give me a present until one week later, the game of SORRY! and I thought I was the specialist girl ever – 7 days for my 7th birthday. It was … wait for it, wait for it … 7th Heaven. HA!
I’m still that dorky. Basque in it.

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