We’re trying again

Not for more babies, though … so sorry to get your hopes up.
You might remember me mentioning Potty Training a few months ago. I was all ready for it – and Jessica was too. We had the treats and prizes ready to go and I cleared my stay at home schedule to be sure all I did for 48 hours was watch my daughter have accidents on my hardwood floor.
There were a few successes in that 48 hours, the big girl potty was actually used – but my hardwoods were washed more in that 48 hours than they ever have been.
I didn’t ever have a conclusion or successful outcome to report because I quit potty training. Which probably isn’t the message to be sending the toddler who’s currently being told to make their presents in a big white bowl instead of in their pants at their convenience.
But you’ll also remember the binki episodes – I think I stopped and started that crusade twice and finally got serious and it took 1/2 a day to quit the pacifier.
Well I’m in a better place, personally, than I was a few months ago and it no longer feels like the end of my world to police the bodily functions of my daughter. Granted it’s not the funnest thing I’ve ever done either.
Tonight we had a partially successful episode which, without going into too much detail means there was partially an accident before she remembered to tell us she needs to use the potty.
She was rewarded with candy because sugar translates into love and pride in most small children and who am I to stop that cycle?
Dear lord here we go – I won’t be buying diapers again for a long time and I am so ready to burn that box. And wash my hands with ridiculously expensive, smelly soap and NOT have it ruined by poop in the following 3 minutes.

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