cross my fingers

Update on the potty training – there have been no accidents yet today and only successful potty-using. She goes in the bathroom on her own and does it all by herself – we try to prompt her and ask her if she has to go – but she just looks at us, like – seriously, people – when I have to go, I’ll go.
And she does.
Here’s to keeping our fingers crossed.
I do not care if thats too much information, I am so floored and proud and excited. You. Do. Not. Even. Know.

3 thoughts on “cross my fingers

  1. Crap. No, not me. Or my son. We’ve been trying to get him to poop in the freaking t-o-i-l-e-t for months now to no avail. Got any time for lessons from one parent to the other?

  2. AWESOME!! I haven’t checked the site in a while, this is exciting times for you guys! Tara never responds well even at 4 when we ask if she has to go to the bathroom. Never in the 2 years she has been using the toilet has her trip been because her mother asked her and she actually said yes, i will go now, even if I am right she slips in there hoping I don’t notice. HHAA so I can relate, sounds like she is doing great! Love Erin

  3. Haha – this is awesome that poop gets people talking on this website.
    The only thing I can say for Jessica’s ability to poop in the toilet is – the other night she had an acident and in the middle of pooping on the floor we flew to the bathroom with her and she finished there – and we danced like maniacs to show her how proud we were of her. I’m sure you’ve done all this, too – but thats what has worked for us.
    Jessica tends to do things on her terms. When she’s ready, she’s ready and thats that. It’s like a lightbulb gets turned on. Thats how it was nursing her and stopping the pacifier – she stopped on her own.

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