Me vs. The Other Gym Patrons

I’m the girl working out at the gym with her ipod blaring so loudly that I can’t NOT help but share my workout playlist with the entire room of sweating, gasping women – with the TV blaring.
I can see you looking at me. I know it’s loud. I’m listening to it. I like blocking out the entire world around me so I don’t care if I’m the loudest breather and I don’t compare my speed to your awesomely tight legs RUNNING on the machine next to me. No, I like to listen to Fergie worrying about her London Bridge and Justin Timberlake being convinced he’s bringing Sexy Back all the while proving the Secret deoderant ads completely wrong. It is not strong enough for a man … it’s not even strong enough for me.

One thought on “Me vs. The Other Gym Patrons

  1. It won’t be too many years when you will regret listening to that thing as loud as you imply. The only way to attempt to regain your hearing is with a hearing aid…once you damage the ear, it stays that way. A better solution is to get a pair of noise-cancelling headphones so you hear less of what’s out there, and can concentrate on the music better.

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