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We’re working on getting a new page on my site for books I would recommend to people in different scenarios. Such as books I’ve read and would think invaluable to the young married women, books I would highly recommend on nutrition, on parenting, etc. So hopefully later today that will be possible but for right now I’d like to highlight a book I’m reading now.

This book will be in the category of books I think are invaluable to young married women. I’ve read quite a few books on men and the differences between men and women but I’m finding myself surprised by some of this books content – it’s also a good reminder to build up husbands in a way that they understand. Asking him to fix the garage door for 3 weeks in a row doesn’t really say “I love you.”
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  1. hey jodi! have you read LOVE AND RESPECT by emerson eggerichs. it’s awesome…all about how a woman needs love (that why GOD tells men to love their wives) and men need respect (so GOD tells women to respect their husbands). along the same lines as what you were saying. it’s an awesome book, read it if you haven’t!

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