Taking “Big Girl” seriously

Jessica is successfully potty trained as of some time last week. I know, I’m a terrible mother for not knowing the exact hour this all happened. But hey.
One night we tried a pantie instead of a diaper just to see how it went, she had been dry for a few nights in a diaper so we were ready for the risk – and she woke up at around the same time the next morning dry and wanting very badly to go potty. Every morning there’s a bit more lee-way in the amount of time we have to respond to her first sounds and rush her to the bathroom, but there have been no accidents.
Now the very first day of potty training I was giving Jessica candy as a prize – which she loved, but then I tried giving her some coins to put into her piggy bank and she loved this idea even more! MORE THAN CANDY PEOPLE. So we stuck to that for the next few days, actually having to steal coins from her bank in order to give her more “prizes” – she was that good.
Insert tummy ache and constipation. The poor kid was blocked up. Apparently cheese in mass quantities will do that ya. We’ve never noticed it before – diapers don’t give a huge indication as to whether or not they’re having trouble going. They just go and we change it.
I nicknamed prunes in order for her to be excited to eat a handful of them, we called them a “special treat” and not only did she eat them with glee she now wanted a prune after using the potty. Coins? Those are for wusses. She was serious about being a big girl – and that means special treats. Now after a triumphant trip to the bathroom she’ll run out to us and scream-ask …

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