uh, answer your damn phone

Why is it so hard to find a babysitter? I call ahead of time and usually have to leave messages on their cell phones and then they wait until the DAY BEFORE I had originally asked them to work to call and tell me It Doesn’t Work.

I can’t tell you how much this infuriates me as a parent. I’m paying you. Money. And you won’t call me back.
Lukily we recently hired a wonderful Hope student to be coming to our house a couple hours every other week to watch Jessica so I can get some things done and have some alone time. And we also just got names of a few other girls in our neighborhood who babysit that I think we’ll try out on week nights for dates and what not.
It is not easy to find a sitter in this town. Maybe if all your friends have kids and you can leach sitters off of them through their networks but thats not our reality. We do have some pretty awesome friends who call us up and say – Go away tonight so we can play with Jessica. And a few others who, when we ask, they’ll babysit on late notice when we’re in a bind.
I don’t like leaning on my friends for this kind of help – most of the time I’d rather be hanging out with them then having them watch Jessica. Although I like that Jessica is getting to know them. And our families help out ALOT which is wonderful, but also not. Grandparents house should be a special thing, one in which we don’t over use as well as they don’t over offer. So we’re trying to respect and erect respectful boundaries there.
Enough soap box. I’m just glad we found Amie and our neighborhood goodie bag babysitter links, finally.

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