She climbed out of her crib again today. It was nap time – and she decided it was play time, so out she climbed and I met her at the door where she was naked (taking off all your clothes is a prerequisite to getting out of nap time) and she announces to me that she’s “OUT!”.
Like, Look mom! I’m out of my crib, you know – the bed thing, that big mattress I jump on – I got out of it! ON MY OWN!
I’m actually excited to be moving her to a twin size bed – I get to go to Ikea. But I’m not looking forward to the climbing out of bed every night. We have enough trouble getting her to bed lately.
On the other hand, it might be nice. She can get up and go potty at her will and in the morning she can come in our room and pounce on us instead of waiting for The Humans to hear her and come get her. Because we all know how lame The Humans are in the morning. They, like, enjoy sleeping or something.

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