Wine Tasting

Last night we had a great night wine tasting with the wedding party of the Boes-Perton wedding set to take place this summer. The night was a get together for the bridal party to get to know each other a bit more as well as to pick out the wine for the wedding reception.
Free wine? Are you kidding me. It was a great night. 6 wines are free to taste but we were fun and friendly and we got to taste test about 10. Including the most incredible Port coming this spring. Not even avaialble for purchase yet. It was amazing.
We started out with a Zinfandel and our notes on the wine were all pretty much the same – It’s sweet, I like it. #2 was a Pinot Noir which we all liked better and ultimately ended up picking as the red wine for the wedding and the notes got a little more detailed such as “Fruity, light – splendid.”
Don’t you worry – we got more colorful with our notes and observations as the wine kept on flowing – by the Peach Chardonnay the notes made a drastic turn towards creative – Aaron summed it up the best with “Like a splash of summer with a beach ball, without the sand.”
He also notes that the Strawberry Merlot is “like a juice box making love to a frozen strawberry.” And the Sauvignon Blanc as “smooth tasting with a scorpion sting.”
Of course the most comical notes were taken by Veldman – who noted that the Chardonnay was good for a 15 year old girl. And the least favorite wine was the Italian Pinot Grigio which hailed such insults as “tastes like water with alcohol. Didn’t have much personality.”
After the wine tasting we watched a batch of the Peach Chardonnay (also picked for the wedding as the white wine) be made and then enjoyed a tour and a couple bottles of wine between all of us to finish out the fantastic night.
We bought our of-age-babysitters a bottle of our favorite wine and brought everyone home with us to play CatchPhrase until 1:15 in the morning.
It was a great night.

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