Tour of Freedom

Our getaway weekend is going quite well. We decided to get away to our house. After dropping Jessica off at my moms house yesterday morning I came back home to Aaron still sleeping and I had time to fold the laundry and generally pick up the house. You might be thinking this doesn’t sound very relaxing – but let me tell you – a clean house is always more relaxing and having the ability to clean it without Miss Independent littering toys all over is a great thing every once in a while.
We went for lunch at our favorite restaraunt in town, Margarita’s, then went to Tile Mart to ask some questions about installing a backsplash on our own. It was nice to do whatever we wanted, feeling free to run boring errands because we could. Then we headed to GR for a movie, some dessert in the middle of the day? Check. And some shopping to Woodland Mall.
Actually the stop at Woodland was more of a last minute decission – Aaron needed to access the internet to buy a few servers for an application he’s working on so we stopped by the Apple Store and he conducted business as usual. This is where the night gets a little bit unusual. While Aaorn was in Apple I decided to browse a few other stores and as I’m walking towards the other end of the mall I see someone who I haven’t seen in, literally, years.
I see my First Love. Now – it’s always in the back of everyone’s mind – you all wonder how that person is doing, is life treating them well – what’s their family up to these days … we all do it, we all wonder. Aaron recently got the answers to those questions about his First Love and we were talking about how nice it would be to run into some of these people some time. Well it happened. I paniced and ducked into the first store I could – all I wanted to do was get to Aaron and tell him – Guess who I saw! and I turned around and started back towards the Apple store. I was acutally going in for the conversation with Aaron to tip him off when He pops around the corner and comes over to say hi.
Hi. It was pretty akward. After we asked eachother How Are You Doing? about 4 times we actually started talking. He’s doing well, married, in real estate. Jessica’s two now, wow, I know, my sibblings are here there and the other place.
It was nice to see him. A little akward, obviously. It’s not like you can see someone from your past and not think of a few memories. But it didn’t end as akwardly as it started and after Aaron and I left the mall we continued our tour of Freedom with a few doughnuts from Krispy Kream.
On the way back to Holland we decided to go to Barnes and Noble, get some mag’s and head to JP’s because we always talk about how nice it would be to go there at night and sit and talk, but because Jessica is in bed it usually doesn’t work – so we sat at JP’s in the middle of a Middle School reunion for pimple faced adolecents and read our Enterpenuer Magazine and PEOPLE. I’ll let you guess what I was reading.
This morning I slept in til 10:30 – TEN:THIRTY. As in 1-0:3-0. It was heaven. And now we’re off to Journeymans Cafe in Fennville. The Tour of Freedom continues.

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