Taste of the future

This morning I put a movie on for Jessica so I could get some things done and work on my istockphoto stuff, I left her alone for about half an hour – note to self, anything longer than 30 seconds is too long – when I went down stairs to see how she was doing she looked at my like a doe caught in headlights. Thats never a good sign. So I turn the corner to see what she’s doing and she’s coloring, with marker, black marker, on the furniture and the TV.
It got very silent for about 2 minutes while I took 10 deep breaths and decided not to yell – instead I told her it was not OK to color on the furniture and TV and told her to go to her room – which she did, and then I heard her slam her door.
14 years from now isn’t looking so pink and peach colored with the BFF bracelets and sleep overs where she stays up all night playing with her girlfriends hair.

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