do not get a perm for your engagement photos

In an effort to keep this website interesting I’m planning on buying this book.

I haven’t yet, so this isn’t going to be very interesting – but one of the ideas that I’ve seen on other websites has something to do with posting embarassing photos from the past of yourself for the whole world to see and judge.

First of all – why didn’t any one tell me a perm was a bad idea. A very bad idea. I was working in real estate at the time and totally thought image was a little bit of everything. So WHY didn’t someone spout off a blow horn in my ear about this? I also had a part time job at the Hospital as a Unit Tech which is a nice way of saying I was the nurses bitch and if you were in the hospital on the 4th floor I probably wiped your bum or sat in a 1:1 with you for my entire 8 hour shift. And you probably hated me because all I did was watch Dawsons Creek.
The point is the girl who gave me this perm? she worked with me at the Hospital – she also had a perm and of course it was gorgeous on her. I had this grand idea of having hair like Keri Russell but I forgot to look in the mirror prior to this.
Also, I look 30 in these pictures – boat neck collar? Really, Jodi? MOTHER! Why didn’t you lecture me on my neck line? And the perm! Did you say anything to me about that? I was 19. NOT 30.
There was only one photo of the 93 he took that we liked, at all. Thats the one that went in the paper. In black and white.
Oh wait, there’s more.

When I was talking about aiding Jessica’s imaginative play with dress up clothes, this is not what I had in mind. My sister and I were dressing up and dancing to Elvira. Enough said.

My mom had been in charge of doing my hair. It was the early 90’s. My sister never had this torture, although back then it wasn’t torture – it was beauty and I was proud. The higher and poofier the better. Can you even tell I had hair other than those bangs?

There’s something wrong this photo on so many levels, where do I start? The comb over. The socks. The white socks. With black flats? And the silk shirt. That pose! It’s like I was a manchild. My birth parents had just gone through a divorce and my mom wanted new photos of the girls. She, myself and my sister got “dolled up” and went to Olan Mills. Gee goly.

And this one? This one actually makes me cringe. Alot. This was, oh dear. This was from one of the many times my sister and I got to stay over night at my Aunt Ranae’s house in Washington. The Ranae Jessica is named after. Uh huh. Um, She liked hair spray? and makeup?

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  1. hey bob:) really? Thank you for being admittedly honest. It was bad. But the goatee wasn’t THAT bad and it was much easier to remedy.

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