Looking ahead

February is almost over – wow. I’m looking ahead to the next few weeks noticing that I don’t have very long to figure out some fun things to do with Jessica while Aaron is at SXSW. I think we’re going to stay in a hotel in Holland for a night with a pool for something new and different to break up the week of single parenting. And we might spend a night in GR at my dad’s depending on his schedule – but I need some ideas. The days are usually easy to fill, we can go to the mall play area or the aquatic center or Crazy Bounce and get out some energy – but the nights are the hardest. And oh-so-long.
I’ll pretty much take up residence at Blockbuster so the 5 hours between the time Jessica goes to bed and I go to bed won’t be me sitting in a chair staring out the window. We all know how fun it is to watch the bark grow on trees.
And the week Aaron’s gone we don’t have our babysitter coming but I think I’ll ask her to anyway, I’ll need a break in there somewhere. So out of my 4 readers (Hi Mom! and Linda! and Grandma!) ok maybe I have 7, give me some ideas!
“What to do with a 2 year old so you don’t go crazy for a week without help … ”

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  1. Hi Dan! We want to play the Wii some time – we’re very jealous of Rob and Lisa. šŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting – at least I got you to do that!

  2. Forwarning: all hotels in Holland are full of hockey teams on the weekends, very loud and busy and basically really obnoxious, So I would suggest staying on a weeknight when the pool area is nice and quiet. (I work at a hotel)
    Holiday Inn Express or Hampton (both on Felch) are the nicest BTW! šŸ™‚ Hope that helps.

  3. http://www.holland.org has a 15% off coupon for holiday inn express… or if you’re staying in April there’s the sprink break special- 89.99 for the room plus a free pizza. (as opposed to the normal $120+ rate)

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