Whats in your wallet?

I went out this morning and bought the book and since I don’t want to post scanned images of my teenage diary’s just yet I’m going to go with the suggestion of posting about whats in my bag.
Fair enough.

This is my purse, or the luggage I carry around and try to pass off as a purse. There’s really no need for this size of bag for me. I bought it on a 4 hour shopping trip laced with freedom and a good jeans day. This is what’s inside my peice of luggage right now:

A diaper, which is incredily useful because Jessica’s potty trained. Has been for about a month.
Crayons that I stole from Village Inn Pizza Parlor last night. They were free.
A photo book I made from Qoop/Flickr of Jessica, a brag book if you will.
My wallet – we’ll get to this in a mintue.
The 2007 CHAMPS coupon book. I like coupons. Alot.
A Tampax tampon. Not because I “need” it – because they were free and I grabbed one in the bathroom. You never know.
A pen. A push pen, which are superior to all pens, any where.
A bib. This bib sucks alot of toe. But it’s washable and some times does it’s job of keeping Jessica’s shirt look less like her dinner plate than – well, her dinner plate.
Now to the wallet. Here it is.

In all it’s very boring, very safe glory. Whenever I’m looking to replace a wallet or purse I always have an image in mind that I’m trying to duplicate. A-l-w-a-y-s. I think this one repersents the “I’m a stay at home mom, but I want to fool you into thinking I’m not 21.” For a long time I had a stick up my butt about being older or “grown” already. This whole taking one day at a time thing was not working well for me. Alot of wisdom at 23 in present day? No. Just trying not to get to 60 before I lived through my 20’s.

More boring. There’s really only one very exciting kind of erotic thing in my wallet and thats coming. But here we see my license and an array of cards …

Such as the Sams Club member card, the Genworth Financial dental insurance card, 10% Natures Market member card, JP’s gift card worth more than my car, the debit card, the license, the hallmark member card good for pretty much nothing because it still has my maiden name on it and my old address. The Library card and to top it off the Priority Health Insurance card.
I do not own a credit card. But you might think differently when you see these reciepts …

These have been building up for a good 2 months. WAIT, are those my stamps? Sweet. There’s a tithe check we forgot to give to our church for the 2nd week in a row. I’ll be making a trip out there to get rid of this money soon. Other reciepts consist of this weekend’s shopping for clothes, a reciept from Butches for some amazing wine, our bank # reminder card from 5/3rd etc.
I also have some very outdated photos of Jessica and Anna in my wallet.

And next to these little angels in my wallet? Lying right on them? This is the embarassing part. The slightly erotic moment.

Other than the wallpaper sample for Jessica’s bedroom, that has not only been hung but since taken down and repainted, I also have a 8 year old Maurices punch card, all I need is one more punch and I’ll finally save $10. Remember, I love coupons. Along with these very innocent peices of memoralbilia I have a punch card for Pure Romance. With only 6 punches left. It was a bachelorett party and that’s all I’m disclosing.
Last but certainly not least we have the forgettable back pocket with an equally forgettable punch card for Main Dish.

And there you have it. Me in a nutshell? Lets hope not.

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