Hanging out to dry

Aaron might want to add to this list and we’ll ask him specifically to dig in later but I’m going to let you in on some dirty little habits. And also ask you to inspire me to adopt new habits, maybe yours?
I blow my nose. In the shower. So self deprecating. Although I’ve made good use of the paper towels in our kitchen as of late I think we’d have less visits from the plumber to de-clog the drain if I could keep it in my nose for 10 more minutes.
Are you cringing yet? Because I am.
Aaron owns more nail-clippers than are sold in bulk at Sams Club. Every gas station we stop at on a road trip, EVERY gas station, he buys one. Why? Probably because the one he bought last time – it’s under his seat, and thats just too much work to bend over and retrieve. No, 99 cents in cheap enough to invest in a Brand New Nail Clipper!
He’s very good at keeping his pretty hands pretty. Me on the other hand, I think I’ve used a nail clipper a total of 10 times since we’ve been married ok since we’ve been dating. Ah what the hell, since I learned what one was used for. I’m a peeler. You know how Uncle Sal bites his nails at Thanksgiving before going to the kitchen to carve the turkey? And we all know he doesn’t wash his hands first. Well I generally pick at my toe-nails while watching TV and then I’ll shake your hand. It’s so nice to meet you.
If I eat dairy of any form or pop or anything carbonated; if I consume sugar in mass quantities – I burp. A lot. And in public.
Some things I’d like to adopt as good habits would be the ability to wake up before my daughter and have a grip on what my day is going to be like so when she wakes up I’m not a zombie waiting for nap time to come around.
I’d also enjoy the habit of being disciplined enough to do my hair every day. I spend money on the hair cuts and I give it about 2 weeks before I stop preparing myself for human contact. Although this hair cut is much easier to do. The curling iron – I bought you but you own me. You’re so damn intimidating.
Answering my phone would also be a good habit to form. I screen every call and unless you’re Aaron you’re most likely going into voice mail. I’ve gotten better but it goes in waves. I’m just not a phone talker. Email is so convenient and much more conducive to my hermit lifestyle.
Now it’s your turn. Give me one bad and one good habit you already posses. And I’m not asking here people, start talking.

3 thoughts on “Hanging out to dry

  1. Alright Jodi, I will admit it. My bad habit WAS I NEVER clean my car inside or out, it WAS until the day before we traded it in filled with food, toys, clothes, reciepts, change, grocery bags, books…..(there was more) and than I had to clean it. When my husband (your wonderful brother) brought home a pretty van with that new car smell I promised to keep it clean and I have for two whole weeks! so wish me luck….love erin

  2. YAY ERIN! You’re awesome for commenting on that. I like the new van by the way – so jealous. We have to either be pregnant or taking a new born home before we upgrade to a minivan. Thats right, upgrade. šŸ˜‰

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