a musical snack

There’s a list of things I should be doing besides this right now but I’ve had this idea in my head for a few days and I want to forget about it. Which means I have to actually do it.
I’m going to pretend I’m an ultra-celebrity on iTunes and this is my awesome play list. Enjoy.
In The Morning – Junior Boys … This song is one of my favorites right now. Most songs I love have something to do with the beat and the bass. The bass is the most important part of a song for me. Why? I don’t know, I liken it to all those times I danced around a fire to the beat of drums in Africa … maybe it’s just in my blood. This song is also good to reflective moments or an escape from a current reality that a break is needed from.
Scarecrow – Beck … This is the only song of Beck’s that I have right now, but I like it. A lot. It’s a good working song for me. Helps me hammer out the photos or posts. Also helps me write for other ventures and personal use.
Change your mind – Bonnie Lee … The blues. I love the blues. And a good woman singing her troubles away, who doesn’t need that every once in a while? Plus, the guitar and piano in this? Makes me wish I lived in Tennessee and sat on the porch with Bonnie while she hammered this one out.
Still Dirrty – Christina Aguilera … I am a die hard Christina fan, her voice is amazing. She could sing the ABC’s and I would buy it. I still got it. And I like that she sings about it. I am a woman and I like to be and feel sexy, this song can accomplish this even if I’m sitting at my computer in my pajama’s.
Kissing You – Des’ree … I was infatuated with the movie Romeo and Juliet, in fact it’s one of the first video’s I bought with my own money. This song gives me goose bumps, every single time. I’m a romantic to the core and a kiss means this to me to this day.
Rubber Duckie – Ernie … Can a play list be without Sesame Street? Sure, but I don’t prefer it.
London Bridge & Fergalicious – Fergie … I might have bad taste in music, I’m ok with that – but I work out faster and longer with these songs and I could be in line at the grocery store – if these songs comes on the radio I will dance. Period.
Wind it Up – Gwen Stefani … Do you know she yodels in this song? I usually want to be creative after I hear her music and I also want stroll down my street listening to this on my iPod and totally rock out my neighborhood. I’m also a die hard fan of Gwen Stefani. When we have dance parties after nap time here, this song is always on the play list. Jessica also loves Gwen. Maybe more than me actually. She definitely has music in her veins.
Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson … There’s a line in this song in which he sings Hawaiian. A foreign language of any kind makes me weak in the knees. When I was 16, my parents and I went on a month long vacation in a motor home – we were in a Dunkin Donuts when a biker came in and was standing in line behind us – I made some 16 year old comment about how cool his bike was and he SPOKE FRENCH TO ME. Poli vu France? (I’m spelling that phonetically) Do you speak French? He said more, but my mind went blank after that – I would have ridden away into the sunset with him after that, no matter he was in his mid forties. He was the sexiest man alive to me.
Life Uncommon – Jewel … Pretty much Jewel was what got me through a lot of teenage angst and has continued to speak to me in some way. Some people don’t like her voice, I love it. I’ll always follow her career – I think she’s awesome. This song is about not giving up. And the power of voices is the sound of freedom.
Soul Food – Leela James … I like the funkiness of this song. And the flirtation. I belt this at the top of my lungs in my car. Jessica even knows the words. I also secretly aspire to be a singer someday, I would consider her an influence. Being tone-deaf and not having control over my breathing when singing is a big obstacle though, apparently.
I had no idea how quiet I was until I was a stay at home mom. Some times my days would be one long silent moment. However active my mind was didn’t matter – I just didn’t ever think to have the radio or some music playing. But music is a very intricate part of me. Not because I play an instrument or sing well but I love moving to music, whether thats dancing or playing with Jessica or simply driving in my car. When music is playing I literally feel it in the pit of my stomach, like a clock swaying my every cell to the beat. It’s a passion of mine, however dusty it may be.

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