Alone please

Yesterday after an accident on a chair we stripped Jessica down and put her in the shower. Seeing as how we were expecting people to come over at any minute I didn’t strip down and get in there with her – instead I left the door open and maneuvered the shower head so I could clean her up and stay dry.
Jessica thought this was amazing. She wanted to continue to take a shower on her own – so I shut the door and walked away for a minute. Then I went back to check on her and see if she was done.
I opened the door and there she was standing under the steady stream of steamy water. As soon as she noticed me she was exasperated that I would invade her privacy and told me as much.
“MOM! I’m in the shower! Close door!”
Like a puppy in trouble I stuck my tail between my legs, did as I was told and ran to Aaron to tell him how useless I felt as a mother right then. My little girl doesn’t even need me to help her in the shower.
We gave her about 3 more minutes and then both of us went to check on her and try to coax her out of the shower to get ready. We both were totally yelled at for even thinking of peering in on her in the shower. Mom AND Dad. No. No way.
We were forcefully told to mind our own business and let her be in the shower.
We shut the door and looked at each other in silence which Aaron soon broke and said …
“We both just got yelled at. By our two year old.”

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