I’m totally copying this idea

A friend of mine has a blog and she just posted 10 little known facts about herself. I love this idea and I’m totally stealing it. Thanks Stacey!! (Wait, is that ok? I’m assuming so, but let me know if it’s not)
I have 3 tattoo’s, although if you look at my flickr account you could find this out easliy.
I had a breast reduction when I was 18 because of massive back problems. And I’ll totally do it all over again once I’m done bearing children if I need to.
I was breast-fed until I was almost 3. (hi mom!) But we also lived in Africa.
I was born in Africa. We moved back to the states just before my 3rd birthday. My first memories are of the last 6 months or so that we lived in Africa.
I bought a motorcycle on my 18th birthday and sold it a few months later.
I had a pet monkey in Africa. No, really.
My parents were going to name me Joni Nicole and changed it in the delivery room to Jodi Michelle.
I used to want to be a boy for a day.
I smoked in highschool.
I don’t drink milk, never have.
I also wrote a childrens book but doubt I’ll ever go through the motions of publishing it either. I also wrote a memoir in highschool – still have the transcript and I know I’ll never publish that one.
We don’t have cable because I’m a lot bit addicted to reality TV.
I don’t read books by non-Christian authors because I don’t like the unrealistic love stories or word porn. Although I have ventured out recently to non-sexual love stories and or other types of fiction by referral only.
If I went back to college I would major in Biology.
Anything I don’t know about you?

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