Do you want more kids?

Let me just answer this for you. We’re getting asked this more and more, and we don’t actually mind that much – a year ago I probably would have wanted to jump down your throat for asking me this, but now? it doesn’t bother me. We have an answer …
Yes. But maybe no. We’d like another baby, but we don’t know when. When Jessica was about 18 months old I finally decided another baby would be nice, it took me that long to think that I even wanted more no matter that I’ve always wanted more than one. I just wasn’t sure until then.
The problem now? We’re about to be self supporting ourselves through Aaron’s business which means insurance is changing and a few other things are changing as well. Ideally we’d like to get through this next year not pregnant but we’d also really like just to be surprised. It would make this whole decision a lot easier if I just ended up pregnant one month – but thats kinda of unlikely while actively preventing it.
Is that enough information for all of you?

3 thoughts on “Do you want more kids?

  1. Whenever the Lord blesses you guys with another wee one ~ I will be one happy Grandma. One, two. or ten, I couldn’t be happier or more proud right now!

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