If I ran a marathon, this is what the finish line would look like to me

They’re done! And hung, well and to the left. (wink) I love working with a drill but sadly this image does nothing for my husband …

The thought of me working with a power tool or liking it is right up there with the thought of me making chicken for dinner versus fish. They’re both considered white meat to him, makes no difference as long as he eats. And there’s mayonaise somewhere in the meal.
But this … this is orgasmic for me.

A chourus of Angels are singing in my head when I see this photo. A saprano is taking the high note and holding it … I have goose bumps.
But this here – this lights a little fire for Aaron – you see that naughty littly toy I’m playing with … a computer – oh you dirty little computer you. Full of email and blogging potential. So naughty.

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