These are my bosom buddies

These are two of my closest lady friends. Kerrie, on the left and Jaimie, on the right. Hi girls! I’ve known Jaimie the longest – about 7 years now and met Kerrie about 4 years ago. These women, they are an absolute riot. And I love them dearly.
Kerrie is a party in progress at all times. She has fun and knows how to get you to have fun. She’s the genius who brought a penis shaped cake to my bridal shower complete with correct color frosting, sprinkles and well … some other things. My mom was there. And I had to drink out of a penis straw. Did I mention that my mom was there? Don’t you worry – at her bridal party, with her mother in attendance, I made her boobie cakes. Not as great as the penis – but still.
Jaimie, oh Jaimie – she’s hot. And she’s a basket of delightfulness. We are TV connoisseurs together and movie goers and shopping buddies. She’s one of my best friends and she’ll be the lady I call when I’m 90 to talk about all the great sex we had once upon a time – except she’ll be on speaker in the nursing home and all my neighbors will turn up their hearing aides to listen to youth gone bad stories.
Kerrie now lives out of state with her husband and she’s an awesome excuse to go shopping for a weekend with the girls. I miss her terribly. But Jaimie and I do make trips out to see her as often as we both can.
And Jaimie – she’s hot. Did I say that already? And single. oops. And I love her terribly. I look dearly forward to the nursing home exchanges with this woman.

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