Addison and Triston make their mark

I was planning on doing a retroactive pregnancy post and talking about the crazy nesting that went on in the final weeks of my pregnancy with Jessica because one of my girlfriends is due to give birth to twins any day …
And then I called another friend and found out that the twins were born early Sunday morning! YAY!
Congratulations Benji and Emily!!
They welcome:
Addison Elizabeth
5 lbs 1 oz
18 inches long
born at 4:18 AM March 18th
Triston Benjamin
5 lbs 9 oz
18 inches long
born at 4:20 AM March 18th
A girl and boy. So exciting. I grew up convinced I was going to have twins and then we had Jessica and although I still think it would *fun* I don’t think I’ll do anything to try real hard to make that happen for us – I’ll just help Emily with hers and be fulfilled that way. They went in for their routine ultra sound at 19 weeks or so and saw 2 babies – wow, talk about surprise. So this is a pretty big deal – and YAY they’re healthy and safe and Emily is doing well.

2 thoughts on “Addison and Triston make their mark

  1. Dutch Bingo!
    I went to India with their (new) aunt (assuming two pairs of twins with the same names weren’t born on Sunday)

  2. Very fun! Dutch Bingo is so fun isn’t it? People I don’t even know will walk up to me once they know my last name or my maiden name and be like – are you realted to … and then it starts …

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