Neurotic lists

I’ve been trying to think of a way to make a neurotic Bridget Jones list of something – what I eat for a week, what I wear for a week, where I go for a week … but I couldn’t get excited about any of these ideas. Then this morning I was explaining to my mom what all Jessica has eaten today and it dawned on me.
I’m a bad mother.
But then it also dawned on me that I just don’t give a hoot. We’ve taken a large step backward in the potty training arena – she will no longer sit herself down to pee. #2 is all taken care of, apparently once you go bowl on that situation you don’t go back. But ever since we took her to the ER for her eye she has steadily regressed into accidents and night time wetness. I even bought pull-ups. And I’ve considered just buying another box of diapers – then this morning I reinstated the bribing, er treats for using the potty.
Like magic, it works. Candy is the gold of choice right now and I’m not with holding any boundaries here – if she goes, she gets. So today my dear little girl has had;
Chex cereal, plain
Cheese cubes
Deer meat sausage, fried
Potty treat:
Treat from bank:
Green sucker
Mid-morning snack:
Bagel from JP’s with cream cheese
Apple Juice
Potty Treat:
Sucker from Peanut Store, bribing in high gear
Snack in grocery store to keep quite:
Apple Juice
Treat for being so good in grocery store:
Treat from Grandma while visiting at work:
Girl Scout Cookie
Potty treat:
Jelly beans
More Jelly beans
No wonder she’s just lying there talking to the ceiling, the poor kid can’t see straight. But she’s using the potty!!!!

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