The difference between Men and Women

This is how Aaron described his ideal sex life the other night …
“You know, we touch feet when we get in bed and then BANG! We’re cooking the bacon.”
I think I need a moment of silence for this one. He compared it to cooking the bacon like, like … I don’t even know.
But let me tell you, I cook some awesome bacon.

4 thoughts on “The difference between Men and Women

  1. No one added any comments to this yet?!
    We were wondering… (sitting around for sts Monday)
    Are you saying that you are good at cooking actual bacon or are you good in the sack?
    -a few people

  2. Should I let A FEW PEOPLE’s imaginations run with this one or should I just out and out say it?
    I am fantastic in the sack. My husband has as much to do with this as I do. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. And also? For inquiring minds – ‘sack’ means WE HAVE SEX. AND WE LIKE IT.

  3. Oh Rich, we’re friends?? haha. Now you have something to tease Aaron about – or get him back for that photo he posted of you on flickr … in your boxers.

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