Dairy and Sugar=1 Jodi=0

Aside from my throat doubling in size and the massive headache I can’t seem to shake – and Aaron’s constant battle to hack up his right lung while the left one is preceding it – we’ve been regularly healthy over here.
We just got approved for individual health care on a preferred plan because we’re so healthy. And it’s Spring! Sickness, if it hits us at all, will rage it’s choke hold on our little family right before the holidays.
I guess this all started after our McDonald’s play date the other night and the amount of fries I consumed and then the McFlurry I just had to have. Let this be a lesson, Jodi, one you’ve learned countless times … dairy serves plenty of purposes to plenty of people all around the world – but it does not serve you. And it’s side kick? The one with all the glory – all the seducing products and labels and even better taste … Sugar? She pretty much kicks your ass no matter what you think you can handle. So, really – stop it. Just stop. You’ll feel much better.

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