Celebrating 20 years

As you might already know we had a fabulous night last night.
March 17, 2007 marked the 20 year anniversary of my dad working as a pilot for American Airlines, a goal he had in mind when he took the job. We started the night at our house to show off the cabinets he helped me with but hadn’t yet seen back in my kitchen then we set out to have dinner at The Piper. Which is conveniently closed on Mondays. So we went to BoatWerks instead. An equal experience as far as food and atmosphere go.
We ended the night with a trip to our good friends house for some hookah! It was delicious and wonderful. And now my dad can say he’s tried it all. Well not really. but as far as tobacco goes.
My dad was a pilot on the missionary field before I was born so all of my childhood my dad has been involved with planes in one fashion or another. I affectionately told all my friends or anyone who would listen that my daddy worked in the “crock pot” and I took my first plane trip when I was only hours old.
Flying for me is like taking public transportation – it’s convenient but it’s not new and it’s crammed. I’ve flown first class only a handful of times but that beats never. Since having Jessica I now have a small taste of what my parents went through in an air port – only they had 4 kids and we’re flying stand-by. It still feels odd not to wear my Sunday Best to get on a plane. Although I’ve grown accustomed to open toe shoes.
A few years ago my dad bought his own small plane with the call sign of N6ZLU which is November Six Zoo Lou Uniform and he and my oldest brother, Joel, brought it home from across the US – we were there for his very first landing back at home. He’s since sold his plane but has recently gifted himself a Harley Davidson for all his hard work. And really? He deserves it.
Congratulations Dad! 20 years is something to be proud of and I can’t wait for a ride on your Harley!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating 20 years

  1. Ya Jodi, it’s been a great ride so far! There is an old song that comes to mind often when I break through the clouds into the open air above, or decending through the mountians on an approach, Oh Lord my God, when I in awsome wonder, consider all the works Thy hands have made…..then sings my soul, my Savior God to Thee, How GREAT THOU ART, how GREAT THOW ART… I think you know the words. Also look up the poem by John Gillespie Morgan Jr., titles “High Flight”. I keep that on my desk and feel the words often. And then of couse, there is nothing like taking your kids and grandkids for an airplane ride. So ya, it’s been great and again, many thanks to you and Aaron for the wonderful celebration you gave to us.
    Blessings and Shalom!

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