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This website means a few things to me – one being a window to the outside world although when I’m writing I usually envision my mom or best friend reading this – not strangers or people who might know me, but don’t really KNOW me. It’s also a place for me to write, which I am kind of a narcissist about. I like reading my own website – which is probably why I’m not famous. Not that I want to be famous.
Since I don’t journal like I used to I use this space as a place for me to write my thoughts and feelings about motherhood, Jessica and life in general. Even though sometimes I try to write for an audience I have yet to define. I’m just trying things. I like to try things. I try alot of things.
This website is also a place for freedom which means I can talk about the fact that my husband referred to having sex as COOKING THE BACON and then my friends can write this …
“No one added any comments to this yet?!
We were wondering… (sitting around for sts Monday)
Are you saying that you are good at cooking actual bacon or are you good in the sack?
-a few people”
And that freedom I love so much? Empowers me to write this …
“Should I let A FEW PEOPLE’s imaginations run with this one or should I just out and out say it?
I am fantastic in the sack. My husband has as much to do with this as I do. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. And also? For inquiring minds – ‘sack’ means WE HAVE SEX. AND WE LIKE IT. ”
Or expand on it at will. Which I probably won’t because believe it or not there are a few boundaries I have when it comes to this website, although they’re always in negotiation. The fact that we have a sex life is well known, we’re married. The fact that I have nothing to complain about, that I love my husband, that I would not trade what we have for any one thing, ever, may not be a well known fact simply because the ooey-gooey goodness of marriage, the absolute tantalizing, mouth watering details of our lives in that department – those are ours.
So Internet, world at large – whoever reads this website … I am a woman and I like flowers, chocolate, bubble baths, I love security and I notice hands before anything else. I love laughing and I love it when Aaron makes me laugh or gives me a goofy look that I know is just for me, I love watching the man I married become a father right before my eyes, I love being respected, I love gardening and ducks and taking photos, I love poetry and a good cup of tea. I even love sex.
Anymore questions?

4 thoughts on “Open Book

  1. I have a little bit of anxiety now that I actually published this … when I’m with my friends being an open book is never hard but I know my friends – they have faces.
    oh well.

  2. I’m just amused that Aaron set up the site to automatically turn IT into an abbreviation for ‘Information Technology.’ This makes the “AND WE LIKE IT.” a little stranger, though probably still true.

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